Seriously, my daughter is a toddler (where does the time go?!?! Jellybean, please stop growing up so fast) and I have yet to share her adorable shabby chic nursery!  While a few things have changed since she was born, like lowering the height of the mattress and the addition of toys, her shabby chic nursery is finally making its debut.

Brainstorming ideas for Jellybean’s nursery began before I even knew if we were having a boy or a girl.  I settled on a nautical theme for a boy and shabby chic theme for a girl.  You can check out the Pinterest board here.  Despite my favorite color being purple I was drawn to pale pink accents for the nursery.  The hubby was pretty much on board with whatever made me happy.  His one request once we found out Jellybean was a girl was to keep the pink to a minimum … fair enough, fair enough my love.

Picking out the wall color was a huge undertaking.  I’m fairly obsessed with gray walls and finding the perfect gray is, well, challenging.  It couldn’t be too blue or purple or tan … I had to have (what I consider) a true gray.  My sister and (soon to be) brother-in-law came into town for a weekend and spent at least an hour at Benjamin Moore with me looking at samples, pontificating and eventually settling on the Harbor Gray sample. If they weren’t there to assist it is possible the nursery would still have sampled gray colors all over the walls hehehe.  I was worried the Harbor Gray would be too dark for the room so the sales associate suggested I get it at 75% or 50%.  I am fairly certain we went with the 75% …. and it was total perfection.

I love how the room came out.  It’s absolutely what I envisioned!!  I ran out of time and energy before JB was born and didn’t fill the frames.  I’m ashamed Jellybean is almost 20 months old and I am yet to fill the picture frames, but at the same time I kind of like them empty.

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery - Wicker Elephant Hamper  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery - Vanity Tray  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery - Ikea Bookshelves  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery  |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery - Wooden ABC's |  Life's Tidbits

Light Pink, Gray and White Shabby Chic Nursery - Vintage  |  Life's Tidbits

  • Bookshelves – Ikea
  • Frames – Hobby Lobby {painted the same white color as the trim}
  • Crib – Bratt Decor
  • Dresser & Nightstand – Consignment Store
  • Rug – Pottery Barn Kids {no longer in stock – similar}
  • ABC’s – Etsy {painted pink}
  • Elephant Hamper – Home Decorators
  • Sheet/Bed Skirt – RH Baby&Child
  • Curtains – Pottery Barn Kids
  • Light Switch Plates – eBay {painted the same white color as the trim}
  • Shade – The Shade Store
  • Vanity Tray – Hobby Lobby
  • Glider – Storytime Series
  • Barrette Frame – DIY {gift from a friend}

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The Twinkle Diaries

I can’t believe we have been living in Bangkok for an entire week!  There is so much to tell and yet at the same time we haven’t really ‘done’ all that much.  But maybe, I should back up a little bit here and start closer to the beginning … in late July I left a job I loved and prepared for the big move to Southeast-Asia with my family!  One of the biggest perks of this big move is I will be taking a 2 year sabbatical {as I’m calling it} from working.  Stay-at-home-mom is my new ‘full-time’ gig.  I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have this amazing opportunity to live abroad as well as get more time with my daughter!!

Am I a world travel? Umm no, but I’ve done a good amount of vacationing in Mexico, Canada, and Europe.  Asia, and Thailand specifically, is brand new to me.  Making the decision to move abroad is WAY outside my comfort zone, but here’s the thing ….

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
—  Wayne Gretzky

And in this case I take shots to mean opportunities.  I’m the person who follows the rules, colors inside the lines, and has generally followed a ‘typical path’ in life.  Taking big risks and making big changes aren’t things I haven’t actively sought out.  But, that is what made the decision to move to Thailand so exciting.  It’s something new, it challenges me and most importantly I wanted to do something new, not ‘on the path’ and unexpected.

Once we made the decision to move, I fluctuated between super excited and incredibly nervous with bits of sadness sprinkled in.  It’s hard knowing we are going to miss birthdays, weddings, births, holidays, and more with our family and friends.  Thank goodness there is Skype and FaceTime so we can at least be there virtually!  The last week before our move was so busy I little time to focus on my nerves.  There was so much to do like packing, closing of accounts (bye bye Comcast!) and hanging out with friends.

Our condo took 2 full days to be packed up and placed in crates.  It was strange seeing our place empty again.  So many memories in our condo!  We lived there for 3+ years … it’s our first home and the place we brought Jellybean home from hospital to.  But, it will be there when we get back and there are many new memories to make in Bangkok!

So yeah, 16+ hours of watching people pack and move our stuff into in a huge moving truck we were left with 6 big bags, carry-ons and a dog crate.  Oh, I guess to this point I didn’t mention our dog, Sophi, also moved with us to Bangkok! More on our experiences shipping a dog overseas I will include in a later post … assuming ya’ll are interested.

The items in these bags, plus a little extra that’s already at our new place – think minimal dishes and cookware – are going to tide us over until our stuff arrives.  We’ve gone from a VERY full 2 bedroom condo to 6 bags of stuff for the next 4-6 weeks … hopefully.  :)   Makes me think I should have read this book prior to the move {wink, wink}.

We left for Dulles Airport at 6am on Wednesday, August 5th and after 3 flights, 2 layovers and a cab ride we arrived at our apartment in Bangkok on Friday, August 7th at about 1:30am-ish!!  Filled with excitement and exhaustion we toured our new diggs, cooked some eggs and toast and then headed to bed.

BlueBerriesAndIPad iPad plus blueberries = quiet and happy toddler!  At least for a little while *wink, wink*

JetLagThis is what REAL jetlag looks like

The past week has been spent acclimating ourselves and Jellybean to the time change, getting familiar with our neighborhood, food shopping, eating a lot of AMAZING Thai food {we had 2 lunches and a mango smoothie for under $5 – can’t get much better than that}, hanging out poolside and general life things.  We have yet to do anything touristy and while I have some guilt we haven’t really toured the city I also realize we will be here for a few years.  Getting situated is what was most important for our first week living as expats.

CheesePoolSide I think someone is happy to be hanging out by the pool!

It would be a lie to say the adjustment to living in Thailand and being a SAHM is going seamlessly or that I’m 100% loving it after only a week … just keepin’ it real(!).  But, I’m so excited.  Excited to meet new people, try new things and spend my days exploring with Jellybean.

And I will leave you with ‘my’ final thought on this big adventure the hubby, Jellybean and I have begun …

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
– Mark Twain

I would love to hear your recommendations on places we should visit or things you loved doing while living or visiting Thailand {or near by area}!




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TGIF!  It has been a great week; jam packed with seeing friends, shopping, running errand and generally just getting stuff done.  It feels so good to check things off the to-do list!  I’m looking forward to some quality time with the hubby, Jellybean and pup this weekend.  Hopefully the heat stays under control so we can spend sometime outside.  Over the past couple of weeks the heat/humidity in DC has been very intense!

I went to Co Co Sala for the first time this week.  While dinner was delicious the portion size was a little on the small size, for me.  The dessert on the other hand was huge and totally decadent!  I think it would make such a fun date night to go out for dinner and then go to Co Co Sala for dessert.  YUM … I can still taste the chocolate.

Co Co Sala Dessert  |  Life's Tidbits

Here’s what I’m loving this week …

I finally found the perfect t-shirt, thank you Madewell!  I’ve been searching for them for a few months now for t-shirts I like.  More than a few were return because they weren’t soft enough, too sheer or just not a good fit.  A close second would be these from The Loft.

While shopping the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale for a second pair of the live in leggings the sale associate showed me a few cute tops to go with my new pants.  She had some good picks, one of which is my new favorite workout tank top.  And, seriously … why does the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale just suck me in and make me want to buy the whole store!

Gap was having an insane sale and I was able to buy Jellybean a bunch of bathing suites and clothing she can grow into.  It’s always nice to have bigger sized clothes on hand for the day the current size no longer fits! =) I also noticed they have my favorite booties {similar, but just as cute} back in stock! I got SO many compliments on these booties when Jellybean wore them last winter.

I’m always on the hunt for a new chapstick.  I like this one, however this lip conditioner is far more affordable and I actually like it better.  I feel like the fresh sugar has to be reapplied more often than the Caudalie.

Last, but not least … I made this super delicious balsamic glazed chicken.  I use chicken thighs instead of breasts since we were out of chicken breasts.  I also didn’t use a slow cooker.  Just threw it into the dutch oven and let it cook (stirring occasionally) for about an hour and a half.  Winning … another recipe to add to the rotation!!

I hope you have a great weekend!  What are you favorite items lately?


Jellybean is a toddler, but she will always be my baby!!  So we have moved on from the baby must have to toddler favorites!  I think JB is taking a more active role in selecting her essentials and her little personality is really starting to shine through.

She has an opinion on what she will wear each day.  I’ve got it down to a science {on those days where she’s acting ‘typical’} … I pick out 2 outfits and say ‘this one or that one’.  She usually points aggressively at one and boom that’s the OOTD.  But seriously, that girl has style.  If I select an outfit she doesn’t like I get a very stern looks followed by “No, No, No, Mommy!”.  And yes, those no’s are capitalized on purpose. :)

Over the past few months here’s what Jellybean has been loving the most …

Toddler Favorites Months 13 to 18  |  Life's Tidbits

Contigo Water Bottle // This water bottle was recommended by a friend and is actually the same brand as our coffee mugs so I was excited for Jellybean to give them a try.  It took her a little bit of time to get the whole straw thing down, but these quickly became a staple in our house.

Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge // Amazing product and I’m bummed we didn’t find it when Jellybean was just an infant.  Bath time sponge equals a decrease in the amount of laundry {no more… or at least less wash clothes}.

Lovey // My mother always joked she was going to get Jellybean a whole bunch of tags for her 1st birthday, because JB was always eating the tags of her toys.  Apparently this is a typical baby thing (wink, wink) and when my mom found the tag lovey she just had to buy it.  Jellybean took a quick liking to the lovey and now sleeps with it every night!

Munchkin Bath Letters & Numbers // These are so much fun! They stick to the tub and walls very easily.  While Jellybean isn’t totally ready for learning all the letters we do

10 Little Monkey (Poke-a-Dot!) Book // My mom found this book and oh my goodness does Jellybean like it.  So much so, the book is starting to fall apart from all the use it gets.  I like that it teaches number and is interactive in a way that helps kids with their motor skills.

Ikea Dinnerware Set // Don’t really think an explanation is needed here.  Affordable and practical. Done & done.

Circo Folding Stroller and Jenna Doll  //  I think this is probably in the top 5 toys played with everyday in our house.  Jellybean loves hugging her doll and then placing (read shoving) it into the stroller.  They then zip up and down the hallways … there is no walking Jellybean insists on RUNNING everywhere. :)

Mega Blocks // Jellybean has found all sorts of uses for the blocks that go beyond stacking and building castles.  She hurls shares them at the dog and tries to balance them on her head.  Typically these little gems will keep her busy for a while.

My 1st Anywhere Chair // This is definitely one of my favorite things we have for Jellybean.  My in-laws asked what we would like for her 1st birthday and this was my pick.  She curls up and ‘reads’ a book, has a snack (much to my wishing she wouldn’t eat on her chair) or just hangs out on it with her toys.  She uses it  So even though the price point is kind of high, I think it’s totally worth it!

In case you missed it, check out the the baby essential series for newborns, 3-5 months6-8 months and 9-12 months.

Does your toddler love any of these items?  Any recommendations for a 19-24 month old?


I’m happy to report meal planning is going pretty well! I enjoy sitting down with my list of recipes, thinking about the week ahead and writing out what to cook each night.  The recipes chosen are then translated into a shopping list to which I add breakfast, lunch and snack items.  Luckily lunch usually consists of leftover dinners, which makes it easier.  The project manager in me loves the process of making a plan and executing sed plan.

Week two was a success though I still seem to slightly over buy somethings and under buy others.  I’m starting to think meal planning for Jellybean needs to go beyond dinner, as many of the foods we don’t have enough of are for her.  Raspberries/blackberries/blueberries, in particular, are consumed at a remarkable rate.


Here’s what we’ve been munching on lately …

Dinners for Week 2:

  • Grilled Lemon Dijon Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower and Baked Oven Fries … the oven fries are AMAZING.  You must try them, Mkay?!  I seriously want to eat them everyday all day long.
  • Brisket with carrots and potatoes … one of my favorite holiday recipes that I occasionally make on non-holiday weekends.  One of these days I hope to share the recipe with you!
  • Saucy Chicken with Rice … super easy and perfect for a week night.
  • Homemade Pizza … I’ve been dying to make homemade pizza crust for a while now.  The last time I tried to make it the yeast had expired – FAIL – this time I was properly equipped with non-expired yeast!
  • Lemon Almond Chicken Salad with Biscuits … I may or may not have been out of bread and way too lazy to venture to the store so I decided to just throw some frozen biscuits in the oven.  They were delish and it was kind of like having a deconstructed sandwich :)
  • Out to Dinner x2 … While the goal is to only order in or go out once a week, however this particular week was special.  My parents were in town over the weekend visiting & my girlfriends and I did a little girls night out.  So my once a week only is more like a guideline, not a rule {wink, wink}.

I made two new recipes this week!  I am glad they were both a hit so they can be added to the queue of dinner options.  It is always disappointing when a recipe looks delicious and then is just so-so or worse not yummy at all.

Goals for next week: try another new recipe (or two!) and try to use more of what’s already in the house.

What have you been making for dinner lately {please add links in the comments!}?  Any tips for meal planning?


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